Plague City Demos: a record release party

📷 in collaboration with Flatchestedmama

Facebook Event page: June 12th, 7pm

Excerpt from Facebook event info:

In March 2020, Secret Caves paused for hiatus out of respect for each other’s and our loved ones’ health and safety.

Around August, Carrie and Scotty tentatively re-entered the music cave – masked and distant – and began composing songs together. Those early songs were born desperately and entirely from a desire to create while navigating a terrifying and increasingly uncertain world – and while therapeutic, it became quickly evident that additional contributors would allow these songs to realize their full potential.

Navigating the logistics of virtual and live collaboration in the midst of a global pandemic proved to be challenging. It pushed us out of our comfort zone in so many ways, and the result is something that is infused with the beauty, frenzy, intensity, grief, and longing of the past year.

The full list of contributors is listed below, to whom we owe a tremendous debt of gratitude. They helped to make these songs what they are. And while this is not a true Secret Caves album, they all make special appearances, along with many other friends from near and far.

Contributors, in no particular order:
Chad, Simon Strand, Peder Nelson, Carlynn Nelson, Hugh J. Noble, Flores, David Ramm, Myrh, Greg Connors, Scott Fragala, Dark Number 9, Timbertoe, Nina, Andy, Slayanne

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