Plague City Demos

📷 in collaboration with Flatchestedmama

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Excerpt from the record release event :

In March 2020, Secret Caves paused for hiatus out of respect for each other’s and our loved ones’ health and safety.

Around August, Carrie and Scotty tentatively re-entered the music cave – masked and distant – and began composing songs together. Those early songs were born desperately and entirely from a desire to create while navigating a terrifying and increasingly uncertain world – and while therapeutic, it became quickly evident that additional contributors would allow these songs to realize their full potential.

Contributors, in no particular order:
Chad, Simon Strand, Peder Nelson, Carlynn Nelson, Hugh J. Noble, Flores, David Ramm, Myrh, Greg Connors, Scott Fragala, Dark Number 9, Timbertoe, Nina, Andy, Slayanne

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Art&Noise Collective

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