We make art. We make noise. Welcome.

This website serves as an online repository for works made by a group of friends & chosen family members who reside on the traditional territory of Coast Salish peoples, specifically the Duwamish Tribe.

Members include but are not limited to: band members of Sulk, Slayanne, Secret Caves, CatSup Farms & Ouija Boob. Individual artists include: Saxon Rawlings, Pia Dixon, Dave Dixon, Flatchestedmama, Joshua Ballard, Lottie 🌧 Winters, Cat Marie and Supriya. Puppet friends include: Piper, Julien and a whole cast In the Attic.

The whole of this collective is called Hail Satin. One raindrop rolling down the umbrella of Hail Satin is Glitter Glue.

Real rent contributions to the First People of Seattle can be made here: https://www.realrentduwamish.org/